To all vendors, customers, and trucking companies:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the various government responses, effective Friday March 27, Kovalchick Corporation will not be accepting unscheduled truck deliveries.  We will continue to receive and accept railcar deliveries.  

In the event there is an emergency, that requires our involvement including delivery, then we will also accept and unload the vehicle.

We may be able to accept certain deliveries, if an appointment is made in advance.  We will decide this on a case by case basis.  Please submit any such request to Nathan’s attention.

In addition, we will also be closed to the general public, however we will attempt to serve our customers with product in a way that does not include contact between our employees and our customers.  If you need a product from us, please call to arrange the logistics.

This includes deliveries to, and the locations of:

Indiana, PA

Homer City (Lucerne), PA

Burnham, PA

Franklin, PA

Kovalchick Corporation is considered to be an essential business, in a variety of classes, and will continue to operate to serve our customer agreements.  Our own trucking fleet will continue to operate as efficiently as possible, in order to provide those services.

Kovalchick Corporation will also attempt to serve every reasonable request to provide materials to the essential business industries, including railroads, transportation, utility generation, utility distribution, construction, manufacturing, steel production, etc.

We are hoping for a quick end to this situation, and a return to normal conditions.  Currently we anticipate these measures to be in place until April 12, and we will attempt to update you with any modifications.  If you have any questions, please call us at 724-349-3300.

Thank you, Nathan